Introduction to Crypto Assets & Underlying Risks Workshop – 1 Day

Attending this Workshop will enable you to:

  • Understand the key crypto currencies
  • Understanding the market cap and the core components in the underlying technologies
  • Look at regulation within the UAE and international landscape
  • A deep dive into the role of cryptoassets in shaping the future of money
  • Look at how the underlying distributed ledger technology has the potential to transform industry
  • Security and Data protection


The areas covered

  • What are Cryptocurrencies / Crypto assets
  • The emergence / market analysis
  • Main stakeholder / players
  • Case example of the crypto asset process
  • The infrastructure & Ecosystem
    • What are the underlying components
    • A focus on DLT Technology
  • Regulatory Framework
    • Regulations
    • International Regulatory Landscape
  • Legal Touchpoints & Challenges

د.إ1,799.00 د.إ4,000.00


This course is a deep dive into crypto currencies and its underlying technology.  We cover key definitions related to the rapidly growing industry and dive into the core components that make up the crypto landscape.

  • We will look at the current market, it’s size, and the technology which supports it. Key currencies will be assessed along with the underlying technology components and associated risks.
  • We have also included a summary of current and potential further touchpoint within the legal sector so regulators and legal practitioners can help relate to the impact of this disruptive technology.